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Organic natural latex Pillow & Mattress on an excellent sleep, Deep-Sleep

100% natural latex pillow and mattress topper products from high-quality latex in southern Thailand passed the test and received a certificate it is a non-toxic product.
Help reduce neck pain, back pain and shoulder pain, the good properties of natural latex pillows is to make you sleep soundly all night, wake up refreshed to the good health of you and your loved ones.
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We wish to reduce the use of plastic bags around the world. Order 100% natural latex pillows from rubber planters get a Free Naraya Eco bag that is reusable.
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Cloth Bag Save the world Fabric bag, Bag Made of 100% cotton. We can recycle many times, we will reduce the use of plastic bags. Cloth bags also increase employment for global cotton farmers and also reduce environmental problems. We come together to Reduce the use of plastic bags.
crafted from NaRaYa’s signature premium 100% cotton made in Thailand.

Product Details
– Printed handbag with flat cable
– Made of 100% cotton
– The front is fitted with the Naraya logo.
– The inside has an elastic strap. For folding made of 100% cotton
Dimension (L x W x H cm): 34.5 x 6 x 38 cm

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In Thailand by EMS International By ePacket

Certified Organic

100% Guarantee made from natural latex

Huge Savings

At Lowest Price from the owner of fresh latex

Eco Friendly

Made from natural latex biodegradable

Best Selling - 870 Baht Only

pillow best selling Phuket Thailand

Natural Latex Massage Pillow

An excellent choice for side sleepers. It is comfortable for people whose height is 180 cm and up, weight from 90 kg and up.

Natural Latex Heart Pillow

Heart the pillow has a correct anatomical shape. It has a comfortable curve to fit your shoulders and a deepening in the center

Natural Latex Contour Pillow

An excellent choice for side sleepers. It is comfortable for people whose height is 160 cm and up, weight from 50 kg and up.

  • 100% Organic Natural Latex Pillow
  • Made from the owner of fresh latex, Be assured, we do not reduce the amount of fresh latex to increase profit
  • Anti-dust mite and bacterial
  • High resiliency and soft feeling
  • Relieve neck pain and shoulder pain
  • Reduce snoring
  • Provide enhanced head and neck support eliminates pressure on neck muscles and relaxes them. Promotes healthy and deep sleep.
  • Washable with soap only

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Customers Reviews

I work in graphic design. Have to sit and work in front of the computer for a long time. And I need to use my imagination to design it. I have neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain when sitting at work, which means "Office Syndrome" My pain worries and distracts me in the design of the piece. I switched to a latex pillow. As suggested by Phuket Natural Latex the wonders of sleeping longer and less Aching.
I work in graphic design. And install stickers. I have neck pain, shoulder pain, and back pain while work and sticking on the stickers, the pain becomes even more. Since I switched to using a latex pillow, my problem neck pain, and all with the neck, shoulders, has faded. I advise you to try a Natural Latex Pillow from the south of Thailand for good sleep, Bestseller products from Phuket, Thailand.


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