neck pain- shoulder pain-back pain

Office syndrome

office syndrome

Office syndrome

was named after the cause of this disease which involves sitting in the office for a long Period of time, sitting in the office for a long time can cause negative effects on many parts of the body.

Main symptoms are, for example, muscle and Myofascial pain which is also known as Myofascial pain syndrome, The cause of this disease is when we sit in one position for too long which means only some Muscles are used repetitively and continuously without changing, As a result, there is a pain in the muscle, Common pains caused by office syndrome are, for example, pain in the neck-shoulder, or back muscle,

To cure office syndrome

syndrome the most important way is to prevent it from happening and change working behavior and work environment, But one the pain occurs, there are several ways to treat the pain such as exercising to stretch the muscle, take muscle relaxants, pain killers, and other types of physical therapy,

There are many approaches for physical therapy, one of the most common approaches is shock wave therapy, According to the study on the method, can effectively reduce the pain.

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