Natural Latex With Lavender Additive Heart Knobby Pillow

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100% Natural Latex Pillow with Lavender Additive for a good life is sleeping. “Deep Sleep” (Heart Knobby Shape) Free Shipping

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  • 100% Natural Latex with Natural Lavender Additive from the south of Thailand.
  • Suitable for people who like to sleep on their back
  • Reduces the causes of snoring (can be used by both men and women)
  • There is a unique massage button body. It helps the blood circulate better. Tighten the head and nape
  • It is the most popular health pillow among both Thai and foreign users.
  • Ergonomic are Design, modest size excellent breathability.
  • Elaborately designed to help dissolve pressure around the neck, head, and shoulders.
  • Helps to provide support for the back and better air circulation Ready to help reduce pressing
  • Design of shape with high and low on each side. Every night is a night for full relaxation, no matter what position you like to sleep.
  • Specially designed for sound sleep health With special features Flexible but not wobbly of real latex pillows Makes you sleep well Thus allowing users to experience new experiences for the excellent health of sleep
  • Feels like your neck and head are floating in the air without pressure. Supports natural comfort, providing adequate neck support when lying on your side. But didn’t feel like pushing up too high when lying on your back

Latex Pillow Lavender has a soothing effect to help you relax, reduce anxiety and stress. It can help stabilize your mood, thus improving your sleep after hard work a long day. While the ergonomic design provides proper support and comfort, you need to rest a long night.

Genuine latex pillow: When twisted in several circles, it will not tear due to its high elastic rubber properties. please do not search for cheap latex pillows. cheap pillows are usually artificial.

“Gives a different feeling for better sleep and health”

Artificial latex pillow Can’t twist in a circle The Pillow will tear.
Note that it is not a real latex pillow But is a fake latex pillow Or synthetic latex pillows that are cheaper to sell Which; if viewed with the naked eye, there is no proof that it will be difficult to distinguish which one is real and which are fake because they are very similar.

Standard Certificate

We have passed the testing and certification of production standards from many international standard institutes such as OEKO-TEX®, TTM, ECO, LGA, ISPA, TUV Testing, SGS Testing, and Office of Scientific Instrument and Testing Customers can be sure that it is Organic Natural Latex. No rubber scraps mixed. Softness and medium density 85-95 our products are of high quality, safe even on sensitive skin. It has a 100% natural latex scent, mild fragrance, unlike latex pillows that contain too many chemicals.

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