Natural Latex Contour Pillow

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Organic Natural Latex Pillow for Good Health on Sleeping. “Deep Sleep” (Contour Shape) Free Shipping

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• 100% natural latex pillows made from latex from the south of Thailand.
• Suitable for men
• Reduces aches and pains as well.
• Suitable for people who like to sleep on their back
• Reduce the cause of snoring
• Helps to sleep appropriately according to the body
• The pillow has a raised double-sided edge to support the head, shoulders, and neck of a small height.
• The pillow has two convex curves. There are both high side and low side; you can sleep as you like. (Recommended to sleep on the high side)

Prevent Degenerative cervical bone

  • Latex pillows are much softer and more resilient than pillows made of cotton and have excellent recovery conditions because of its knot-like texture this helps to distribute weight well, helping to distribute weight around the head.
  • It helps to relax the nerves in the neck and brain. Can support the body in every posture of sleep.
  • Reduce pressure on various areas As well thus making the sleeper feel no pain and fatigue during sleep Reduce compression of muscles and bones around the nape and back this will help reduce the risk of Degenerative cervical bone as well.

Protects against dust mites and germs

  • Generally speaking, the functional pillow is not of good quality. Will be the accumulation of dust mites and bacteria Which is the main cause of allergy Respiratory disease and itching, but the latex pillow is designed for real health, the pillow has a hole throughout the pillow, making the pillow not cause dampness, anti-bacterial. It also prevents dust mites.
  • Thus making latex pillows excellent protection against dust mites and bacteria because dust mites and bacteria will not be able to lurk in natural rubber. Does not allergic reactions thus making the user feel safe.

“Gives a different feeling for better sleep and health” Made from pure natural latex (High grade concentrated latex from the South of Thailand), is soft and flexible. Supports the body when sleeping helps distribute overpressure Supports and hugs the body correctly in every posture of sleep. Help in blood circulation Good ventilation and also free from toxic substances not damp, free from dust mites and bacteria Friendly to nature

Genuine latex pillow: When twisted in several circles, it will not tear due to its high elastic rubber properties.

Please do not search for cheap latex pillows; cheap pillows are usually artificial.

Natural latex pillow How to watch?

  • Good quality latex pillows It should be creamy white to off-white.
  • Real latex pillows have a mild rubber smell.
  • The pillow is soft and flexible, tough, and hard to tear.
  • 100% natural latex pillows should have ventilation holes.
  • Weight of the pillow Should weigh at least 1.3 kg.

> Fake latex pillow mix flour and chemicals to produce sponge.
> Noticed by eyes the pillow will have a smooth, unusual beauty, lightweight.
> Experiment with pulling hard. the fake latex pillow will tear like tearing a sponge.
> Inhale the smell of fake latex pillows, there will be a strong chemical smell.

Standard Certificate

We have passed the testing and certification of production standards from many international standard institutes such as OEKO-TEX®, TTM, ECO, LGA, ISPA, TUV Testing, SGS Testing, and Office of Scientific Instrument and Testing Customers can be sure that it is Organic Natural Latex. No rubber scraps mixed. Softness and medium density 85-95 our products are of high quality, safe even on sensitive skin. It has a 100% natural latex scent, mild fragrance, unlike latex pillows that contain too many chemicals.

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