Why am I selling latex pillows and mattresses?

Phuket Natural Latex-based in Phuket Island, Southern Thailand


We are a distributor of genuine latex pillows and mattresses.

Directly from rubber farmers, the production plant was established by the Southern Thailand Rubber Farmers Fund Cooperative to address the problem of low raw latex prices. Processing fresh latex into bedding products thus increasing the value Make rubber farmers earn income that specializes in the making of natural and organic pillow & mattress topper products. We’re pioneers in developing organic healthy products in order to eliminate harmful dry-cleaning solvents and toxic chemicals.

1. My father and mother are rubber farmers. In the south of Thailand

2. As a child, I fell from a tree. Causing pain in the spine sleeping with a spring mattress it makes me sick. I buy a 4 inch Topper latex mattress, it gave me a good night’s sleep (deep sleep) and no pain in my morning.

3. I am a petite female that weighs approximately 55kg. Height 148cm.

4. After that, I bought a latex pillow from the Rubber Plantation Fund Cooperative. I’m even More Sure it’s real latex pillows. I tested all shapes of the pillows myself. A pillow suitable for small people is a heart-shaped latex pillow.

5. The medium-firm pillow is a softer feeling pillow, your head settles into it while the sides of the pillow billow around your head

6. Thus, natural latex heart pillow it feels like you are merely resting on top of it. Your head will “sink” into this pillow. (This is the best you can describe it.) Please ask a question if this description is unclear, and I will do my best to respond.

7. I work on graphic designs. In front of the computer for several hours from 7 am to 9 pm with accumulated stress due to work. (Office Syndrome) I have is always sound in my ears. I have to go to the doctor and take my medication constantly. The Contour-Knobby-shaped pillow made me sleep and the noise in my ears started to fade away. But I still hear it from time to time because it is a stress-related disease. This pillow put me to sleep all night and wake up refreshed.

8. This pillow of standard-sizing with medium-firm support is comfortable for you. So, I hope by sharing this information, it helps my consumer make a decision for their purchasing natural latex pillow needs.

Juthamas Sonkliang

Owner of Phuket Natural Latex